Film in Big Bear

BBFS has assisted in multiple productions, from creative development to production and post-production services.

Please reach out to us if we can help service any and all of your production needs!

18 and Over
Wing Dad
Small Town Saturday Night
Bear Valley
Big Bear Lake
Running Springs
Next2007Running Springs
When a Stranger Calls2006Running Springs[1]
I’m Reed Fish2006Running Springs[5]
Grey’s Anatomy2005-[1]
Average Joe2003-2005[1]
Sabretooth2002Big Bear Lake[5]
Dr. Dolittle 22001Big Bear City, Bluff Lake[2]
Beethoven’s 3rd2000Big Bear Lake, Bluff Lake[1]
The Insider1999Big Bear Lake[1]
Magnolia1999Big Bear Lake[1][4]
Rites of Passage1999Big Bear Lake[29]
Fear Runs Silent1999Big Bear Lake[42]
The King of Queens1998-2007[1]
I’ll Be Home for Christmas1998Big Bear Lake[5]
City of Angels1998Big Bear Lake[5]
Doctor Dolittle1998Big Bear Lake[43]
Little Bigfoot1997Big Bear Lake
Cedar Lake
The American President1995Big Bear Lake[5]
The Last Shot1993Big Bear[44]
Communion1989Running Springs[13]
Messenger of Death1988Running Springs
Witchboard1985Big Bear Lake[38]
Strangers in Paradise1984Cedar Lake[24]
WarGames1983Big Bear Lake[1]
The Main Event1979Big Bear Lake
Cedar Lake
Paint Your Wagon1969Holcomb Valley[5]
The Parent Trap (1961 film)1961Bluff Lake Camp[47]
North to Alaska1960Big Bear Lake[35]
Woman Obsessed1959Big Bear[15]
Kissin’ Cousins1959Big Bear Lake
Cedar Lake
Hound-Dog Man1959Big Bear Lake[35]
Giant from the Unknown1958Big Bear Lake[10]
Old Yeller1957Big Bear Lake[5]
The Werewolf1956Big Bear Lake
King Dinosaur1955Big Bear Lake[10]
Magnificent Obsession1954Big Bear Lake[5]
Shane1953Big Bear Lake[14]
Colorado Sundown1952Big Bear Lake[5][7]
Border Saddlemates1952Big Bear Lake
Virginia McDougald Fox Farm
Trail of Robin Hood1950Big Bear Lake
Cedar Lake
North of the Great Divide1950Cedar Lake
Big Bear Lake
Riders of the Whistling Pines1949Big Bear Lake[5]
Act of Violence1949Big Bear Lake[11]
Trail of the Yukon1949Big Bear Lake[31]
Mrs. Mike1949Big Bear Lake[34]
Canadian Mounted1948Big Bear Airport[36]
Deep Valley1947Bartlet’s Lake[26]
Main Event1947Cedar Lake[46]
Dillinger1945Cedar Lake[23]
Don’t Fence Me In1945Cedar Lake
Big Bear Lake
Lumberjack1944Cedar Lake[32]
Lassie Come Home1943Big Bear Valley[5]
Law of the Northwest1943Big Bear Lake[18]
King of the Mounties1942Cedar Lake
Boulder Bay
Take a Letter, Darling1942Big Bear Lake[40]
The Magnificent Ambersons1942Big Bear Lake[45]
High Sierra1941Big Bear Lake[5]
Law of the Timber1941Big Bear Lake[37]
The Shepherd of the Hills1941Big Bear Lake[39]
Brigham Young1940Big Bear Lake[5]
North West Mounted Police1940Big Bear Lake[17]
King of the Royal Mounted1940Big Bear Lake[22]
Untamed1940Cedar Lake[28]
Frontiersman1940Cedar Lake[33]
Gone with the Wind1939Big Bear Lake
Running Springs
Heart of the North1938Big Bear Lake[12]
Heidi1937Big Bear Lake[5]
Drift Fence1936Big Bear[21]
Girl of the Ozarks1936Big Bear[21]
The Last of The Mohicans1936Big Bear[21]
Trail of the Lonesome Pine1936Big Bear[21]
Trigger Tom1936Big Bear[21]
Code of the Mounted1935Big Bear Lake[5]
Rocky Mountain Mystery1935Lucky Baldwin Mine (Holcomb Valley)[19]
Fighting Shadows1935Big Bear[21]
Skull and Crown1935Big Bear[21]
Wilderness Mail1935Big Bear[21]
Fighting Trooper1934Big Bear Lake[5]
Man of the Forest1933Big Bear[21]
To The Last Man1933Big Bear[21]
The High Land1926Big Bear[21]
The Courtship of Myles Standish1923Big Bear Lake[5]
The River’s End1920Big Bear[21]
A Fight for Love1919Big Bear Lake[5]
Through the Wrong Door1919Lucky Baldwin Mine (Holcomb Valley)[19]
The Last of His People1919Big Bear[21]
The Wilderness Trail1919Big Bear[21]
Ace High1918Big Bear[21]
The Eagle1918Big Bear[21]
The Heart of Humanity1918Big Bear Lake[25]
Broadway Arizona1917Big Bear[21]
Davy Crockett1916Big Bear Lake[5]
God’s Country and the Woman1916Big Bear[21]
The Birth of a Nation1915Big Bear Lake[5]
The White Scar1915Big Bear[20]
The Call of the North1914[5][6]
Mona, the Mountain Maid1914Big Bear[20]
Little Dove’s Romance1911[5][6]